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Hey everyone! Apologies, some of you are no doubt going 'Hang on, what's she going back? Seriously, she's been gone so long I thought perhaps aliens had taken her.' And yeah, you're right. Not about the aliens - Although if it were Doctor Who I certainly wouldn't complain - but yeah, I have been gone for a shamefully long time. I have but one excuse. Adulthood! Adulthood has reared its ugly head! Job hunting is taking up a lot of my time and stamping on my inspiration, cackling wildly as it does so.

Some of the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that a lot of old journals and deviations of mine have ceased to exist over the course of the afternoon. (Or maybe none of you have noticed. I'm sure you all have much better things to do with your time. In my imagination at least three of you are on the run from the law, five are ninjas/spies/pirates and one of you runs a llama fight club. With such busy lives, my gallery can hardly be a priority.) I've gone on a massive spree and cleaned up my page.

'But Hugsy!' I hear you cry, 'Why have you done such a thing? What was wrong with the things you deleted? You better not have deleted *insert title here* or I shall send Cthulu to hunt you down!' Questions A and B can be answered thus: There was absolutely nothing wrong with them, they were a perfectly valid example of my artistic progression over the past few years, HOWEVER I have learnt all that there was to learn from the pieces in question and I no longer felt that they accurately represented who I am now as an artist. As a result, for the sake of tidiness, I have given them one last look over for posterity and removed them from my gallery. It is now infinitely less cluttered.

As for the last question, calm yourself Young Skywalker. Chances are the deviations that you are concerned about are still in my gallery, I only deleted things that were very, very old. Most of them had no favourites or comments on at all, or only the barest minimum and I'm sure no one will miss them. Everything else has been stuck in handy folders, so if you want to double check on any of them they should be easy to find. If not, feel free to despatch Cthulu. I'll have a bath of water waiting for him.

I've also deleted most of my old journal entries as a lot of them really were surplus to requirements. I've kept the Random Historical Factoid series though if any one wants to re-read them, also the Me and My Ghost Drabbles. Other than that however, pretty much all of them have gone.

(If anyone is sitting there reading this and thinking 'blimey, this must have taken hours!' . . . yeah, you're right. Blame Sunday Afternoonitis. I had the day off work.)

Right, and now for the main thing. New deviations. Or a lack of. I still keep getting lots of wonderful comments on various deviations, mostly going 'Please write more!' However, it is with no small amount of regret that I inform you guys that it is highly unlikely that I will ever be writing regular pieces for dA again. There will be the odd ficlet or drabble here and there I have no doubt, if a plot bunny bites particularly hard but there will be no more routine series. Part of this is because much of my time is now dedicated to job hunting and, when I am successful, working like an adult human being. But, before you all despair too much, allow me to tell you the MAIN reason why I am calling an unofficial hiatus.

I am writing a novel.

Based loosely on the premise of the Me and My Ghosts stories I have written, but altered to allow for greater flexibility of plot. I've already got a few chapters on the go but it's slow going owing to the aforementioned problem with adulthood. The main reason why I am calling a dA hiatus is simply that I cannot write the story which I really, really want to write if I am feeling pressured to continue churning out fics to be uploaded here.

So yeah, this is a goodbye of sorts. I'll still be on here regularly as checking my inbox is a daily habit, so if you want to talk to me about anything I promise I'll still be here! But, deviations will be few and far between, as will journal entries, so to make life simple I just thought I'd better let you know that this blog is essentially now going dark. If you only want to watch very active blogs then feel free to unwatch me, I won't be offended at all.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback you have left on my work which has given me the courage to throw caution to the wind and decide 'why the bloody hell not!' about writing a proper story. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, if you'll all please excuse me, I have some writing to do!

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I miss you my friend.
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Hope your novel is going well!

Um, a tiny request...:ashamed: If you write any more about Thor, Loki, the Avengers, ect maybe include Baldr? He needs more love!
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